Logikcal is always thinking about your health. We don’t just put together a box of snacks; we follow a meticulous list of check and balances to ensure that our snacks match high standards of quality and taste. Here is what goes into putting together your Logikcal  box before it reaches your at your doorstep.


You are what you eat. Thats why our snacks are made from the highest quality ingredients that match Logikcal high nutritional standards. This means our snacks do not have any artificial ingredients and are made from only fresh and wholesome ingredients that service the best of both worlds — good heath and great taste.


The taste and nutrition packed in each of our snacks comes without any compromise. This means we use no chemicals and no preservatives in our snacks. Each Logikcal packet mentions the shelf life of the snack within which the snack is to be consumed. We do not use any additives to extend the natural shelf life of our snacks.