Do you face issues like- Should we eat Mamra or California almond; Mamra Big small or medium? Raw or Soaked? How much Qty? Quality of Nuts? High Cost? Forget that should we eat almond or not? Walnut taste? Nuts Wastage?

Various people are selling out nuts, in all varieties and sizes! But logiKcal does it differently; The ones making future minds bright and the tender bones sturdy!

We have done nutrition profiling of all nuts and seeds available in market.( 100+ Lab test research). Isn’t there a logical answer to many above questions? Yes- you guessed it right- you do a full nutrition & bacteria count test of all types of Mamra and California , the highest in nutrition and less bad bacteria count is selected- We rely on Science( lab reports) rather than any myths. Further nuts are lab tested and compared at every stage( raw, soaked, dehydrated).

Eating nuts in excessive qty is not good for health – qty intake is very important and we look into it.

Variety of nuts- Nuts contains important nutrient, which is missing specially in veg diet. It helps in development of various body parts for your kids and helps in carrying day-to-day activities more efficiently. Different nuts have different benefits- give them variety of nuts so that your little champ is not bored and at the same time get missing nutrients

We replace the nuts served to your kid in that same boring bowl with an interesting way so that your kid looks out for nuts every day and at the same time learn a different foreign language word. We plan to teach them logically approx. 300 common words of Spanish in one year. Oh Yes- Foreign language does help in brain development